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Local attractions

Beijing, referred to as "Beijing" for short, is the capital of the People's Republic of China and one of China's 4 municipalities. Beijing is located in North China, adjacent to Tianjin in the east, and the rest are adjacent to Hebei. The total area of Beijing is 16,410.54 square kilometers. As of September 2019, Beijing has 16 municipal districts.


As the capital, Beijing's urban transportation is very developed. Metro and public transport are the most common means of travel for tourists. After arriving in Beijing, it is strongly recommended to set up a [Municipal Traffic Card] in the subway station. Metro, public transport and some city fast rails can be used for card swiping.


Beijing is the eighth largest "food city" in the world, ranking first in the Mainland. Beijing's flavor snacks have a long history and a wide variety. These snacks are sold at temple fairs or market streets, and people will inadvertently encounter them. Old Beijing vividly called them "meeting food".

Famous Beijing snacks: Beijing Roast Duck, Noodle with Soy Bean Paste, Porcelain Bottled Yogurt, Fried liver, Fried Belly, Jiao Quan, Braised Fire, pea cake pea flour cake, Fried chop rice cake, Rock Sugar Gourd, etc.

Route recommendation

Time: 3-6 days | Best season: All year

D1 Forbidden City → Jingshan Park

D2 The Summer Palace

D3 Badaling Great Wall
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